At Little Red Writing we’re prolific writers and aggressive marketers. It’s almost like we’re machines, but really we’re not. We’re people with our own personalities outside of the personality of our brand. So for some Friday fun, we want to pull back the curtain and show you the people that make Little Red Writing run. To do so, we’ll be running a series of profiles that ask a variety of questions from food to travel and even the important things like, “if you were an animal, what would you be?” We hope you enjoy getting to know our staff a little bit better!

Our first series of questions, titled “No Place Like Home,” relate to things about your home/hometown and what makes your area home. This week’s profile is on Tiffany Nichols. Tiff is a veteran content marketer who met Jen in a content mill. She’s been creating original content for clients ever since. She loves hurling, watching Turner Classic Movies, and going to Disney World with her husband Will and daughter Annabelle. Get to know Tiff!

What is your favorite place in your city and why?

Without a doubt, it’s being on the water. Charleston consists of a peninsula, plenty of coastline, and barrier islands, so we’re surrounded by water. Whether I’m chilling on the beach (Station 12 at Sullivan’s Island is my go-to!) or saying hi to the dolphins that swim up next to the boat in the harbor or on Shem Creek, I’m definitely my happiest on—or in–the water in Charleston.


Do you have any pets and if so tell us about them and their personality/quirks?

I have a dog named Effie (a black border collie/lab mix) and a tuxedo cat named Jack-Jack. Effie is the sweetest dog ever, though if you happen to be walking down our street and she sees you from our front windows, she sounds pretty ferocious. The most she’ll do is lick and cuddle you to death, though. Her full name is Effie Trinket Nichols, as we were really into the Hunger Games series when we got her. 😉 Jack-Jack is named after the baby from The Incredibles. He came to us with the name, and it was so fitting that we decided not to change it. Sometimes he’s sweet and cuddly, but most of the time he’s hiding so he can stalk and ambush our four-year-old as she innocently walks across the living room. 


What is your best lazy day?

My best lazy day is either spent lounging on the aforementioned beach or lazing around on the couch watching Marvel movies with my husband Will. Either way, we’re sipping our customary Trenta black iced coffees from Starbucks across the street. 

What are a few of your favorite/quirky knick-knacks laying around your house that have value or meaning to you?

Oh, gosh. This one’s hard because I’m definitely the type of person who attaches sentiment to items. My most favorite one isn’t necessarily a knick-knack, but it’s definitely quirky. I have a Benji stuffed animal that someone gave my mom when she was pregnant with me. From the day I was born, Benji and I have never parted ways. Ha! He’s been to college, Europe, Mexico, various Caribbean islands, myriad U.S. states, and he even lived in California for a couple of years. At one time, I thought about starting a blog documenting his travels and calling it Have Benji, Will Travel. 😉 My other most treasured items are some gorgeous little vintage statuettes that belonged to my grandmothers; my collection of Disney mugs; and a blanket made from my dad’s t-shirts.