Did you know that just by adding long-form blog content to your site or increasing your existing blog schedule you could bring in more traffic and potential clients? Just think, if you were to go from posting new content less than four times a month to posting four times a month, you could bring in more than three times the traffic and more than four times the leads. The only problem is that most small businesses don’t have anyone on board that would have the ability or extra time to devote to such an endeavor. That’s where hiring a ghostwriter comes in. Sure, there are plenty of people out there that can write, but did you hire the right one for you?  If you’re not quite sure, here’s a few signs you did.

They Just “Get” You

One of the most important characteristics of a quality ghostwriter is their ability to assume your brand’s voice and write knowledgeable content that sounds as if it came directly from your own mouth. Most ghostwriters have more than one client, all in different industries. If they can go from writing white papers for tech companies to writing about the best southern recipes for homegrown fruits and veggies, then you can rest assured they’d be able to adapt to your voice just as easily. An experienced ghostwriter can even help you discover your voice if you don’t already have one established.

First Time’s a Charm

The whole point of hiring a ghostwriter is so you can focus on everything else. You certainly don’t want to shell out that extra money if you have to go back and forth requesting changes and edits to everything they submit. The right ghostwriter understands how important your time is and will produce quality content the first time, every time. They’ll take the time to educate themselves on your industry and any topics you want covered before even putting pen to paper, so to speak. When you look over their work, you can hear it in your voice, you’re not drawn to any glaring grammar or spelling mistakes, and it is already SEO optimized. One and done.

They Can Make Magic of the Mundane

Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s hard to create engaging content consistently about certain subjects. Not everyone can capture the attention of the consuming masses when it comes to discussing owner financing land deals or convince out-of-towners to come visit a vacation spot nobody has yet to hear about. An experience ghostwriter can paint such a picture with their words that no matter the subject, the reader will be interested in learning more.


If you’ve been lucky enough to find a ghostwriter that can do all that and more, you’d be well served to keep them. However, if you’ve finally realized that you can’t handle running your business and handling the blog for your website, let Little Red Writing show you a few more signs that we’re the right ghostwriter for you.