If you have been doing your homework, you have realized that every successful brand needs to have a presence on social media. But if you’ve stopped there, you only have half the story. There is no point to a page that is never viewed. What does that mean for you? You need to making the most of your pages on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The good news is that you don’t need reinvent the wheel. Several sites are designed to help you get the most from your social media pages. They may come at a cost, however, so you’ll need to do some more research to find what works best for you. Here’s what you’ll be looking at:

To Improve Graphics

Face it, if the average person only spends 11 seconds looking at unsolicited material, you must make the most of that time. That time drops drastically when your site looks unprofessional, but could increase with spectacular graphics. Take a look at a few of these sites to boost your engagement time.


Cost: $0-$12.95/person packages

What It Does: Use a Canva template to create custom graphics that are professional-looking, brand-specific, and website-ready.


Cost: $9.99 and up (monthly)

What It Does: Although it’s been around for a while, Lightroom is still one of the best photo editing tools available to help you do your product the justice it deserves.


Cost: $0 – $30 (monthly)

What It Does: Much like Cava, only for video. Since social media has been trending toward video, you will want the clips on your site to look professional. Typito can help clean them up.

To Assist Your Marketing Campaign

You could waste a lot of time creating analytics to determine what is working and what isn’t on your page. Hire someone (or some app) to do it for you. Try one of these:


Cost: $0 – $85.50/month

What It Does: If you’ve realized that newsletters are now being sent via Facebook Messenger, you may want to try Botletter to optimize your own newsletter and gather new subscribers and analytics for it.


Cost: $30/report

What It Does: HypeAuditor increases your brand’s credibility by filtering out the inactive followers listed on your Instagram account.


Cost: $9 and up (monthly)

What It Does: Not only can you plan your social media posts ahead of time, but Later allows you to view what each of these pages will look like when your posts go live.

To Manage Your Stories

Social media has been getting more organized by way of “stories” – organizing all of your page’s information in one place. If you aren’t using stories, your customers could be missing some of your posts. Get your story together using one of these apps:


Cost: $49 – $199 (monthly)

What It Does: Using Storyheap, you will only need to navigate one platform to create, consolidate, distribute, and analyze your story posts over multiple social media sites.


Cost: $0

What It Does: Make your Instagram story stand out by using Unfold’s templates or collages for beautiful, on-brand messages.

Because this is only a smattering of what’s out there to help improve your social media page, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Thankfully, you won’t need to use everything listed here. What do you need? First, look at your goals and see how well you’re your page is already meeting them. Once you’ve seen what’s going well, you should be able to find what still needs work. If you are still unsure where you need to improve, utilize one of the analytic apps.

The changes you make may require you to stretch your budget, but the sacrifice now could lead to increased revenue in return. What will it take to look like the professional you are? That’s a decision you will find with your followers.