When you had news in the old days, you prepared an appropriate summary, affixed important documents, and pictures, and sent copies of this press release to all the relevant media outlets. Do people still do that today? Yes! Or, if they aren’t they should be. Just because the media we turn to has evolved over the years doesn’t mean we need to stop writing to them. Let’s see how it helps.


Let information that’s spread about your brand be straight from the horse’s mouth. You’d rather a dumpster fire never start than to have to put one out. It is much easier to start with accurate information than to have to correct what went wrong. Especially since retractions might not reach everyone. Some damage just can’t be undone.

Added Material

It’s great to be in control, isn’t it? What if someone Googled your name, and the only hits that came up were positive? Press releases are a way of loading positive material to the vast world of information out there. You’re the boss, so you choose the most interesting material, the best pictures, and the most flattering statistics. You’ve just upped your chances of getting a favorable first impression.

Expanded Reach

The singular audience you are reaching through your website probably already knows what you have that’s up and coming. Beyond hoping for shares from that group, how can you reach the ones who are out there that don’t even know they’re your fans yet? It’s important to reach out through these other media channels to find people who aren’t already looking for you. The journalists you send your press releases to are looking for something newsworthy, so if your work is eye-catching and well-written, you’ve just made their job that much easier. And that gives you a greater chance of getting the word out.


If you publish a blog post once a month on your website, you will see a dip in SEO and site visits during the following 3-4 weeks. However, if you are actively sending out material to other outlets during those weeks, that dip will level out. If your goal is not to be forgotten, you can’t let go of the leash you have on your SEO. Keep tugging; keep pulling people in to see what’s new.


When a journalist receives a press release, she knows she’s dealing with someone who is familiar with the business. Someone who knows how to get things done, and someone who respects what she does as well. It can be assumed you’ve been around long enough to know how the system works. That’s the kind of behavior that gets rewarded in return with respect in a professional write up.

What it comes down to is this. It’s never wrong to have positive information released—to any outlet—about your brand. The worst that will happen will be a few more people find out who you are and what you stand for. The best thing that could happen? Create one yourself and find out, or if you need some guidance, we can help you craft an informative press release here at Little Red Writing.