Hundreds of Business Owners, Life Coaches, and Thought Leaders Have Published Books to Boost Their Credibility and Brand Recognition…

You Can Do the Same.

Maybe you’ve had the idea for a book for a while now. A book is like a giant business card that promotes you, your business, and your ideas. This can position you as a leader in your industry. You have the industry knowledge but maybe don’t have the experience or time to write and publish a book. That’s where we can step in and help. We have 50+ years of writing/marketing experience in 42+ industries. We would make the perfect teammate to help champion your book.

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Granny’s House

Ghostwriting • Editing • Proofreading • Print and ebook formatting • Marketing

The Woodsman

Ghostwriting • Editing • Proofreading • Print and ebook formatting

The Bouquet

Editing • Proofreading • Print and ebook formatting 

The Cloak

Proofreading • Print and ebook formatting

The Basket

Just take what you need, put it in the basket, and we’ll work out a custom quote.

With the help of Little Red Writing, you can write, edit, and publish that book with ease, all at a cost well below the industry standard.

We know you have one more question before you decide: How can we possibly be so much cheaper than your other options?

We don’t charge you for our office space, water cooler breaks, vacation time, sick days, holidays, team building days, or equipment.

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