Have you ever looked at a company’s social media and wondered how they had it in their budget to hire a graphic designer? We’re going to let you in on a little industry secret: They didn’t! More often than not, they’re making these graphics on a website called Canva. Canva is your secret weapon for content marketing without breaking the bank.

What is Canva?

You’re probably thinking, “Well, that’s great, but I’m still not creative.” Guess what; you don’t have to be! You can create custom graphics for free, and they even have pre-made graphics for you to fill in. Yes, it really is that easy. Don’t waste your time and talents stressing over something that’s not in your wheelhouse. Select that pre-made graphic, tweak the colors and fonts a little if you like, and boom! You now have your entire audience thinking that you did, in fact, hire a graphic designer yourself. 

Options Galore

You can sign up for Canva completely free or upgrade to Canva Pro. Canva has every size document/template imaginable. Need help determining what size you need? Just search “Facebook Cover” or “Poster,” and Canva will tell you what size you need! The free option offers a plethora of fonts, and they add more all the time. They even provide pre-made font templates if you are having a hard time deciding which fonts complement each other. 

In our personal opinion, one of the greatest things about Canva is the insane number of royalty-free stock photos and backgrounds. That’s right! You never have to worry about your image being taken down or receiving a lawsuit threat ever again. If you like, you can even upload your own images and logos to use. You also have free access to illustrations, shapes, lines, icons, and charts. Canva isn’t just for the creatively inclined; you can also make full-blown business presentations. 

Create Your Own Brand Kit

While you can do many things with Canva for free, the Pro upgrade has tons of benefits at only $12.95/month. With the Pro plan, you can set up your brand kit (brand colors, logo, fonts, etc.). That way, you don’t have to manually enter these things every time you create a new design, and they’re nicely organized in one place and ready for you to use at any point. With a Pro membership, you can even upload your font since it’s probably not already on Canva. 

Other Canva Pro Benefits

As a Canva Pro member, you can also resize your design in one simple click. Maybe you made a super awesome graphic that you need for your Instagram Story or Facebook? You don’t have to painstakingly recreate it; you can instantly resize it with just one click of a button! 

A few last Pro benefits. One is the ability to download your design with a transparent background. This way, you can layer designs or even create a basic logo. A logo for $12.95? Yup! *Swoon*. You can also access even more royalty-free photos than with the free plan. Truth be told, Canva should be a part of every business’ startup checklist. 

All That and an App Too?!

Last but not least, Canva, of course, has an app. It could be more user-friendly for creating designs, however. Instead, use it as a simple way to download your computer-created designs to your phone or tablet for use on your social media platforms.

This list of features really only scratches the surface of the unlimited number of things you can do with Canva. If you’ve made it this far in our blog, your next task should be visiting Canva. Create your free account and play around. Now Canva is your secret weapon. 


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