Let’s face it, we all want more bang for the buck. Return on your investment. More bounce for your ounce, value for your money. And, since we’re going to be talking about social media and blogging, let’s get into that hip mindset and talk about getting more bling for less cha-ching.

That’s right—the potential to make more money by paying less. No, you’re not reading some late-night slick advertisement convincing you absolutely need some crazy product. You want a professional, outsourced copywriter. You may even actually need one and not know it.

But Wait, There’s More!

You lose potential revenue when your copy, whether traditional print promotion and advertising or electronic social media and blogging, isn’t enticing your audience, piquing their interest, and getting follow-up action. The obvious way to ensure you’re getting the results you need is to be sure your copy is well and engagingly written. 

Are you using a professional writer or someone who simply writes as part of their job? A professional writer knows how to create want through words, sharpens focus, and provides emphasis in all the right places. This expertise provides you with the kind of promotion and advertisement impact you need to attract more clients. After all, how can people buy what you want to sell if they don’t know about it—or if you can’t keep their attention and interest once they do?

No Additional Handling Fees

So, why don’t you want this wonderful-for-your-business copywriter on staff? The biggest reason is personnel costs. No vacation or sick time. No insurance—health, unemployment, or worker’s comp. You don’t have to budget a steady salary and working hours for an outsourced copywriter. You pay only for what you need and when you need it, and a freelance copywriter can usually arrange for those unforeseen situations when you need something overnight or even over the weekend.

Content creation takes time, especially quality content that inspires and resonates with consumers. You know, the kind that delivers the best marketing results. With a professional copywriter, you and your staff can work more efficiently and focus on primary roles rather than the approximately two to five hours creating quality content can take.

Even more important, a professional copywriter tells a story about your product, service, and brand, not just a regurgitation of news and dry facts, to become more of a marketing tool than a news source. Content marketing and social media influence only continues to grow, bringing in business in direct ratio to the quality of the provided copy. Today’s web audience responds more actively to a conversational and creative tone, and an experienced copywriter can speak directly to customers in the medium intended, which often requires subtle, persuasive art. 

And as an Added Bonus…

A fresh set of eyes on your business and what they offer can often better catch the public’s attention, coming from outside company culture and presenting more of the consumer’s point of view. Professional copywriters are self-educators, excellent researchers, and fact-checkers, so they will learn what they need to know about your business in order to write the appropriate content and maybe offer a new and interesting perspective.

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