It’s no joke that the holidays are busy. All you probably want to be doing is getting your own shopping done! But you can’t afford to be absent online this time of year. With most people doing at least a little internet shopping, you need to be available for those shoppers who do a little wandering when they’re online. How do you create interesting content for them to find? Read below for a few tips.

What’s Old is New Again

Many people look forward to reviewing content from the previous year either to see what they have missed or to relive the year. And often times looking back over the year gives insight to trends you might see coming up. So, consider highlighting some of your most popular blog posts. Make a top ten list with tweetable quips to get those posts shared for the second round of readership. Or, if you’re new and don’t have enough for a top ten of blog posts, why not recap what has happened this year in your industry? You could build a name for yourself as a reliable source. Then think about sourcing out your content marketing to make sure you have plenty to recap next year.

What’s in the Future

Another reason people love end-of-the-year posts is to see if predictions can be made for the upcoming year. This is especially exciting if your brand is at all tech-related. Everyone wants to be on top of the next big thing. Give your audience a taste of what you have coming in the year ahead so they have a reason to keep tuning in. Don’t want to give away too much? Go ahead and hint around while giving tips that are helpful in your industry for the coming year. A great post for the end of the year is a list of New Year’s resolutions that will help get your customers ready for what’s ahead.

What’s Happening Now

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. There’s no need to fight the holiday spirit. It’s what everyone else is talking about anyway. See how you can incorporate a holiday theme into your December blogs. Remember, adding visuals such as pictures and especially video will boost your SEO. Include some personal photos of your employees being festive to make your brand more personal.

What’s Better than Your Fantastic Audience?

The end of the season, end of the year, is a great time to just thank your followers. Without your customers, where would you be? Reflect on products that did especially well or comments given online about your company that really got you energized. This might be a good place to add a special holiday offer, just for your loyal following.

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Just think of all the options you have for your content marketing. With all the added internet traffic, you have that much more opportunity to reach more customers. Just make sure you stay relevant and true to your brand, and maybe you’ll have a happier holiday yourself.