Dig Deep Into Your Brand Story with Long-form Content

By working with Little Red Writing, you can showcase the interesting things your company is doing through professional case studies, white papers, and eBooks. This long-form content can help boost your credibility and position you as a leader in your industry. We’re here to help you through the whole process, giving advice and support, taking your project from concept to publication.

What does long-form content look like?

content marketing management

Case Study

Showcase customer interaction

Highlight consumer happiness

Produce 1-2 pages of content

White Paper

Be an authoritative source

Focus on a problem-solving experience

Produce 5-6 pages of content

Illustrate your process with pictures, graphs, and charts


Tell your story your way

Focus on whatever best communicates your brand

Build reputation with eBook publishing

How do we meet your content needs at such low cost?

We know you have one more question before you decide: How can we possibly be so much cheaper than your other options?

We don’t charge you for our office space, water cooler breaks, vacation time, sick days, holidays, team building days, or equipment.

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