As a college student, I have lots of things to do during the school year. I can work a job at the school library and maybe pick up some odd jobs here and there but the opportunity for steady income comes around for me during the summer. I can work all week in the summer to have money to pay my rent during the school year. Summer is my feast while the Fall, Winter,  and Spring are my famine. Businesses work like this, too. If you run a snow cone stand, your business is probably not blowing up in the wintertime. Our team at Little Red Writing can help your famines be less severe and make your feasts even feastier. Here are some things we can do for you.


Expand Your Customer Base

One of the most important things that we can help you with is growing your customer base. We can get your brand exposed to different people on different media and get you a wider pool to pull your customers from.

Todd, who has been in the tree trimming business since he was 17 years old,now owns a tree trimming/disposal service. He takes down trees that pose a threat to homes, powerlines, or are just in the way. During the growing season (May-September) is when he makes most of his money, but during the winter months, work can dry up. Much like the stock market, when his work is hot, it’s hot, but when everything cools off, business slows down. He is well known for his tree service work in his geographical area, however, he may not be as well known more in surrounding areas. By exposing his business to more people, Todd can have more jobs and even higher paying clients come from those areas, and during the famine times he has a greater chance of being called upon since more people know of him. Having a wider customer base should be a goal for every business that wants healthy growth and our marketing team can help you achieve that.


Marketing Your Full Line of Products

Another goal Little Red Writing can help you achieve is marketing products that may not be your staple product. Every brand has that one best-selling product that keeps customers coming back for more, but what happens when demand for that product drops? You need customers to be aware that if they love that one product, you still have a wide selection of other products that they would probably love too.

Chuck works for a business that specializes in engine cooling and air conditioning parts for large trucks. His business gets very busy during the beginning of summer. During the winter, no one is worried about the ability to cool off their car or truck so his business begins to push its heater parts. They have a diverse selection of parts and they market them during times that they can capitalize on demand. We can help spread the word about your other products.

Capitalizing on Marketing Trends

We can also help you capitalize on trends we see in the marketing industry. Right now, private label products are taking off with millennials and generation Z. If a catering business is really busy during holidays but has periods of down time between them, we can help them bring their private label products to market, bolstering their income during the slow times.


If your company has to deal with feast and famine, give us a call and let us create a marketing strategy that can help make the famines more secure and the feasts even better.