Here at Little Red Writing, we have many talents (mostly having to do with words). Our team has years of experience in creative writing, educational writing, and, well, just writing in general. We also have oodles of marketing agency work under our belts, which means we know exactly what you need.

While we offer services like blog writing, publicity, case study creation, e-book creation, and social media, it all boils down to one thing: content, and how you are viewed online. Most of our clients are actually small- to medium-sized marketing agencies, which means we’re not in direct competition but actually work as their supplier.

Our clients hire us directly to write their content for their own agency and for their agency clients. We provide the content they need, whether it’s a regular blog and social media calendar or special projects like ebooks, white papers, case studies, email campaigns, or website content. We don’t create those websites or provide graphic design, but we can hook you up if you need it!

Think of it this way: We supply these companies with a product, and they are the ones who sell or distribute said product. Our competitors would be other companies that ghostwrite for small- to medium-sized businesses, not other marketing agencies.

Another interesting fact about us is that we can write about anything! Our varied backgrounds provide us with the unique ability to tap into the buyer personas for any and every type of client your agency may work with. Our team loves to help our clients determine what their brand story is and to help find relevant content that will help generate leads for their business. We’ve written for real estate, banking, technology, innovation firms, private labeling, financial services, investment firms, healthcare, ecommerce and retail, hospitality, tourism, and many, many more.  

We want to work with companies that need help with their writing or social media, but don’t want or need to hire a copywriter full time. It’s less expensive to hire our team than to hire a full-time employee, which our clients appreciate. Don’t you want to save money while still providing the quality content your clients deserve, on time, every time?

All in all, Little Red Writing helps small businesses compete with big brands through their content and social media marketing, and we want to help you, too. Let us know if you are struggling to provide quality content for your clients. That’s where we thrive!