At Little Red Writing we’re prolific writers and aggressive marketers. It’s almost like we’re machines, but really we’re not. We’re people with our own personalities outside of the personality of our brand. So for some Friday fun, we want to pull back the curtain and show you the people that make Little Red Writing run. To do so, we’ll be running a series of profiles that ask a variety of questions from food to travel and even the important things like, “if you were an animal, what would you be?” We hope you enjoy getting to know our staff a little bit better! Our first series of questions, titled “No Place Like Home,” relate to things about your home/hometown and what makes your area home. 

First up is Tracy Sloanaker, northwest Philadelphia, born and raised. Tracy is a jogger, elementary school teachers, avid sports fan, and published novelist. She was pulled into the Little Red Writing when Jennifer offered her a chance to try something new: content marketing. She’s loved it ever since. Here are some things that make Philly, phill like home to Tracy!



What is your favorite place in your city and why?

Tracy: Starbucks. Just kidding. I live in a suburb of Reading, Pennsylvania (which is about 40 miles NW of Philadelphia.) In my township, there are plenty of places that make me happy, including:

Boscov’s – A local department store (yes! They DO still exist.) 


School – As a substitute teacher, I LOVE my job. So I get very excited about going to school. You know, when we aren’t in a pandemic and schooling from home.

The Reading Phillies stadium – I am a big baseball fan, and this is the AA affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies. The best way to watch the game? The 87º POOL just beyond right field. It’s an awesome experience.


Do you have any pets and if so tell us about them and their personality/quirks?


Tracy: I have 3 cats and a dog. (5 pet have passed away over the past 6 months – 3 birds and 2 hamsters.) Having a houseful of animals is essential, as I have a 13 year-old daughter with physical and emotional needs. The animals are therapeutic for her, but we all love them.


Teddy: (4 year old “lattle” – labrador, cattle dog mix) Teddy is the perfect dog. He is very loving and knows that he is there to help Audrey through life.


Jedi: (13-year old black and white tabby cat) Jedi is the cat who will jump into your lap and purr with a motor. Especially if you are allergic to him. He was originally my son’s cat, so my 16-year-old son, CJ, has a special attachment to him. He used to be a fat cat, and even diabetic. But he has lost weight and is at a good weight right now.


Reeses: (14-year-old calico cat) This is my cat. She used to hide from everyone and let no one pet her at all until everyone in the house had gone, at which time she would curl up into my lap and let me pet her. Lately, she now lets all family members come and pet her. I feel betrayed.


Cara: (7-year-old orange tabby cat) Cara has adopted my oldest daughter (18-year-old Hannah) She cries for Hannah when she isn’t around, and she is quite snobby to all the rest of us. She is a major diva, and if you ask me, just as much of a pain as Hannah can be.


What is your best lazy day?


Tracy: If I could have a lazy river around my house, I would sit in a tube and float around all day, with a book on my Kindle. Since I don’t I still think I day reading and writing would be just about right. Unless it’s football or baseball season, in which case a few hours would be dedicated to cheering for the Philadelphia team playing in the game. And there would be ice cream, of course.


What are a few of your favorite/quirky knick-knacks laying around your house that have value or meaning to you?


Tracy: I don’t do knick-knacks. However, silly quirk – I get very excited at throwing away stuff in my house. I would love to have a minimalist house. If I could only have one decoration, I would put up one mono-chromatic Christmas tree.