We just finished talking about the seasons and our favorite things about them, and we hoped you enjoyed them. Now, however, we’re on to tastier conversations! We’re talking about the most interesting restaurants we’ve visited and the best food we’ve ever eaten. This week, we’ve got a new writer who wants to show her love for veggies! It’s Alex Maurizio.

What is your favorite food/dish to make/have at home and why?

I really love the concept of stir-fry. We keep the veggies we all like on hand and use them in almost every dish in one way or another. One dish meals are so simple, and when you have a lot going on, they are perfect for a quick meal. We do more than just Asian stir-fries. Depending on what proteins, spices, and sauce I change out, we can always have something new using all the same veggies. Sometimes I do a stir fry for a side dish and it’s a great way to use up whatever vegetables are on the way out. 


What is your favorite restaurant to visit and why?

I love to try new restaurants, but I most often find myself at First Watch. It’s familiar, but also fresh.


Favorite type of food and why?

Vegetables, hands down. You can dress up or bulk up anything with veggies. They make every meal feel fresher, fuller, and healthier. You can transform veggies into almost anything, just so versatile!


You have to stop for fast food, where are you going?

Arby’s, or Zaxbys


What is the best thing you’ve ever eaten?

Can’t choose, I really love to try new things and have had so many wonderful meals. In a broader sense, the best food I eat is made by people who put their heart into it.