We just finished talking about the seasons and our favorite things about them, and we hoped you enjoyed them. Now, however, we’re on to tastier conversations! We’re talking about the most interesting restaurants we’ve visited and the best food we’ve ever eaten. This week, we talk to our business developer about her cheese dip obsession!

What is your favorite food/dish to make/have at home and why?

Since it’s just the two of us, Brenya and I have to be creative about the things we make to save money and ensure we both like it. Two things we like to make that last a few days are chili (in the cooler months) and what Brenya calls “Rontis”. It’s basically spaghetti with rotini instead of spaghetti noodles, but she loves it for some reason. They’re both easy to keep warm or heat up later and save me from having to plan meals for a few days in a row. 


What is your favorite restaurant to visit and why?

Basically, any Mexican restaurant that serves cheese dip. It’s a serious problem. I would live off that stuff if I could and it certainly shows on my waistline! 


Favorite type of food and why?

Cheese dip from Mexican restaurants…lol. It’s my comfort food! No matter my mood, no matter what I’m craving, cheese dip always gives me the warm fuzzies. 


You have to stop for fast food, where are you going?

If Brenya is with me, it’s definitely Taco Bell. If it’s just me in the car, I’d have to say Arby’s for their beef & cheddar and curly fries. We don’t have one close enough to me, which is honestly probably a good thing! (for my waistline)


What is the best thing you’ve ever eaten?

This question is almost impossible to answer for me! I’m going to sound ridiculous when I say it’s likely a tie between cheese dip and steak. (I really do have a problem with cheese dip!)