We just finished talking about the seasons and our favorite things about them, and we hoped you enjoyed them. Now, however, we’re on to tastier conversations! We’re talking about the most interesting restaurants we’ve visited and the best food we’ve ever eaten. This week, writer/editor Tiff Nichols gives us her best food experiences.


What is your favorite food/dish to make/have at home and why?

Spaghetti is always my go-to! Something I also always try to have on hand is boiled peanuts (whenever green peanuts are in season and available, anyway). I love making them myself in the slow cooker.


What is your favorite restaurant to visit and why?

I have a lot of favorites, but right now I’m in love with a place called Terralina Crafted Italian at Disney Springs near Orlando, Florida.


Favorite type of food and why?

I love Italian and Asian cuisines. I could basically live on pasta and sushi! 


You have to stop for fast food, where are you going?

If I’m in an area where there’s a Whataburger or an In-N-Out, I’m totally stopping there. Usually, it’s Wendy’s or Sonic, though.


What is the best thing you’ve ever eaten?

Wow, this one’s really tough! I’m definitely a foodie and will try anything once, so it’s really hard to narrow these things down. I’m going to go with my Mamaw’s coleslaw. She had a very specific recipe that she left to me. I’m not a fan of sweet coleslaws. I prefer them to be on the sour/pickle-y side. According to my mamaw, you have to use the exact brands for the ingredients (ex: Duke’s Mayo), or it just won’t be the same. She was 100% correct about that! 😉