There’s a chill in the air and people are digging out their long pants and jackets. It can only mean that Fall is here! Some relish the news, while some hiss at the impending cooling temperatures. We want to talk about the seasons and our favorite things about each one (we’d love to hear from you too, leave a comment!).

This week’s seasonal selections come from our business developer, Allie Gann.


What is your favorite season and why?

Fall y’all! While I may have a loudmouth and a strong sense of self, I’m still a delicate flower that wilts in the summer heat. Once the humidity drops and the leaves start to change, my whole sense of well-being just takes a huge sigh of relief. Throw in some pumpkin and apple scented candles and I am the happiest I’ll be all year.


What is your idea of summer fun?

Sitting in front of the air conditioner. I kid! I’d love to get back into the tradition of going to the beach every year with my kids just like I did when I was little. I had so many good memories that I want to do the same for Isaac and Brenya.


What is your favorite fall activity?

Driving through the Smoky Mountains to take in all the colors. As a kid, I used to say the fall colors in the mountains made it look like a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. I especially love the bright red trees that stand out amongst the orange and yellow when the fall colors are at their peak.


What is your favorite winter activity?

I dislike being cold a lot less than I dislike being hot, but either way, I tend to spend a lot of time indoors both summer and winter. Unless it’s snowing, the winter can be kind of depressing at times. Especially when the leaves are gone and the sky is bleak, everything looks sad. 


What is your favorite spring activity?

I enjoy the first warm days of spring almost as much as I love the first cool days of fall. I like to get outside as much as possible once the weather turns in the spring. Brenya’s been cooped up so long it’s time for her to blast out the door at 100 miles an hour with no slowing down in sight. 


What is your favorite holiday and why?

Christmas is and always will be my favorite holiday thanks to all the wonderful memories my parents have given us over the years. I often say that I won the lottery when it came to my parents, and that’s no joke. Being born to them was the best present I could have ever been given. The nostalgia, the love, the sense of family and acceptance, along with the scent of apple cinnamon in the air… There’s nothing better!