No one uses email anymore, right? Wrong! A marketing campaign that is not using email is missing out on a huge opportunity. Email marketing is a subtle but very effective means of converting leads to customers. The best part? When you have a list, you only have to do the work of creating an email once to reach many people.

Obviously, the more email addresses you have, the greater audience you reach, the higher your chances are of converting the sale. Check to make sure you are doing everything you can to collect these gold nuggets.

Introduce a Call To Action (CTA) to Bring Guests to Your Website

The CTA should be used on every communication you make with your audience. Always provide an opportunity for them to take the next step. Part of that next step should be choosing to receive more information about your brand. So whether your lead has just arrived on your landing page (see below) or your customer has just checked out their transaction, you should provide a place to check to continue receiving email communication from your company.

Always Use a Landing Page on Your Website

A landing page is a pop-up page that appears when a user arrives at your website before they can view content. On this page you can ask the user for information (namely their email address) before they reach your content.

Make Sure Your Emails Are Worth Reading

Before you even think about adding more emails, make sure you aren’t losing your existing subscribers. If your emails are forgettable, they will be deleted. If they are consistently boring, they will never get opened. Eventually, these unamused people will hit the “unsubscribe” button. Avoid that problem by making your emails something your audience wants to read by adding remarkable content.

Attend (and Make Use Of) Trade Shows

No one said you need to stay right behind your table when you attend a show. That’s why you always go with a partner. While one of you mingles around the room, the other can stay at the table, where you have set up a system of collecting business cards (perhaps with a drawing for a prize), or just with a sign-up sheet for those interested in receiving more information.

Be a Guest Blogger

If it feels like you have exhausted your resources for gaining new leads, it may be time to sow your seed in someone else’s yard. Show off your excellent content on the page of a partner who has an audience similar to yours. Don’t forget to add a CTA so readers can submit their email addresses! And be sure to return the favor to your partner on your blog as well.

Of course, your email campaign will only be effective for your company if you have content that benefits your customer. Need help creating memorable and beneficial contact? Little Red Writing can help. Talk to us today to see how.