Who’s on Linkedin? You won’t find the same people as you would on Instagram or SnapChat, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be there. In the world of social media, Linkedin is the best place to found if you are marketing or conducting business. That’s the site people visit for anything work-related, so that’s the place to announce to the world what your business is. What if you’re announcing it but no one is hearing you? Then it’s time to look at your approach. Take a look at the advice here to help pick up new leads, clients, or any other marketing it takes to grow your business.

Make the Most of Your Profile Page

Start at the beginning. How are you presenting yourself to the business world? Linkedin is not the place to be cute. Stand out, but do so professionally. Bold colors are fine, but forget the emojis. Make sure you highlight what is most important about your business. Try this: Have a friend look at your profile for one minute. Then ask her what three things stood out to her the most. Her answer shows how you come off. That being said, you can include a few other personal details on your personal page. (Not on your business page). People like interacting with a real person, and those details make you relatable. Just make sure those details come below your main focus. If your business is organizing closets, you don’t want someone to leave your site because your profile said more about dogs than closets.


Search Engine Optimization can be found everywhere these days. It’s the subtle marketing move that moves your business up in a search, and it goes hand-in-hand with preparing your profile page. Make a list of the top two or three words you want most to be associated with you and your business. Then, make sure you have those words worked prominently into your profile. (The closer to the top, the better.) Thereafter, try to share or write posts that incorporate at least one of those words. If you were Burger King, you would make sure that the word “flame-broiled” was in every post. Add words you want to connect to you every time someone does a search. Soon enough, your name is solidly linked to your description. Want even more reach? Use rich media (images, video, etc.). Not only will your engagement increase, but you will appear in more searches if you embed your keywords.

Interact Regularly

Most people using Linkedin have hundreds of connections. If you aren’t posting regularly, you could easily fall out of view. Putting up new posts (or sharing relevant posts from others) is a way of calling out to your connections to say, “I’m still here, and I’m focused on my business.” It will keep you at the front of your connections’ minds. Another way to find important connections is to join groups relevant to your specialty. These groups can provide both great advice and helpful connections.

Stay Relevant

Keep your profile up to date. You don’t want to look dead. If the latest information you have posted is three years old, someone viewing your profile will assume you have moved on to something else and are no longer involved in that business. They may also think that Linkedin is not the best way to reach you. If you are using Linkedin to find people interested in your business, you just lost a lead. It’s best to check in at least once a week. If nothing needs to be updated, you can check to see if anyone has viewed your profile and follow up on that lead.

If you are looking for a place to post selfies and get likes, you might be better off with a different site, but if you want to be found professionally, learn more about what’s relevant in your business, or talk to others in your field, then you want to be on Linkedin. And if you’re going to be there, you better make the most of it!