While writing a book sounds like a great idea, it can be a difficult process. And really, do you have that kind of time? You have the expertise and you have some world-changing concepts, but maybe you need help getting that onto the page. 

If you were to get those ideas in ink, however, it could be a game-changer for you and your brand. Books can help you build your brand by putting your experience and value on display. It all sounds great, but can you really trust a ghostwriter with your brand and your reputation?

 Ghostwriting is more common than you think. Little Red Writing is here to help and to let you know that not only is hiring a ghostwriter okay, it’s actually a smart move.

Lots of People Use Ghostwriters

What do Pete Bennett (of Big Brother fame), former President Barack Obama, Governor Sarah Palin, 5-star General Norman Schwarzkopf, President Donald Trump, Michael Jordan (no introduction needed there), and Snooki from Jersey Shore have in common? They didn’t write their own book. They took their story to a ghostwriter and the ghostwriter told the story the way they wanted it told. 

Even fiction-writing superstars have used ghostwriters. Ian Fleming, Tom Clancy, R.L. Stine, and James Patterson became famous, then used ghostwriters to keep up with the demand for their work. Lee Iacocca, Sam Walton, Donald Trump, and John Maxwell all used ghostwriters to write their business books.

Thought Leadership

If some of the biggest names in the game use ghostwriters, why wouldn’t you? Ghostwriting can open up a whole new avenue of business for you and your ventures. By writing a book and imparting your wisdom to the masses, you have become a thought leader to those who take your words to heart. Everyone is looking for that “secret sauce” in their life, whether it’s in their personal life, relationship, religion, business, or hobby. 

Think about this. According to an Edleman/LinkedIn survey, 55% of respondents say they use thought leadership to vet organizations they might hire. Almost 60% of business decision-makers said that they awarded business to organizations based on thought leadership. Writing a book allows you to show these decision-makers your expertise and makes you a more enticing candidate. 

Little Red Writing Helping You

This all sounds like a great plan, right? But you still need to find a ghostwriter you can trust. The key to those aforementioned successful books was that they were written by people the authors trusted to tell the story correctly and clearly. 

Here at Little Red Writing, we have 50+ years of writing and editing in a wide variety of fields (healthcare, information technology, music, and insurance, to name just a few). Not only do we know how to write, but there’s a good chance we understand the basics of your industry. Once we help you ghostwrite your book, we can also help you edit, format, market, and publish your book. We even offer discounts if we ghostwrite the book! So if you’re ready to make the leap into creating your own book, contact us and let us help you on this new journey.