Hello world, my name is Jacob Wilder and I am the new intern for Little Red Writing. I’m from Oakdale, Tennessee, which means I’m 45 minutes west of Knoxville for everyone who hasn’t heard of Oakdale (the vast majority). I graduated from Oakdale High School in 2015 and moved on to Roane State Community College, taking advantage of the Tennessee Promise scholarship. Roane State was more than two free years of college for me.

I found several teachers who challenged but also assisted me in my journey and I made several friends. I also met my wonderful girlfriend, Shelley, while participating in Roane State’s honors society: Phi Theta Kappa. My work as Vice President of our Phi Theta Kappa chapter helped me in my transition to Middle Tennessee State University, which I now attend.

At Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), I am majoring in multimedia journalism. I made that decision as a junior in high school. I had watched the Tom Cruise movie, Top Gun, and wanted nothing more than to be a Navy pilot. So, I travelled to MTSU to participate in their Preview Day and tour their aerospace department. I was late to the event and the aerospace tour had already left, but one of the tour group leaders told me that I could join their group and take a tour of the aerospace department later. So, I joined a tour of the Media and Entertainment building, and after the tour I knew I wanted to be in media. Combining that with my love for sports (namely football), I aspired to be Chris Collinsworth when I grew up.

Attending MTSU, however, showed me that I did not want to be a journalist. Journalists work crazy hours, and the compensation is not the greatest. Plus, total objectivity really did not mesh well with my personality. I can be objective, but I like to help people as well, and it’s hard to balance both. Whether it’s a great product I’ve found or a sports team that’s close to my heart (Go Steelers Go!), I’ll be in favor of it plain and simple. I didn’t really know how I was going to reconcile those things with my career, but then I gained inspiration from a coaching class I took.

My minor was in Athletic Coaching and Officiating, and I was taking Coaching and Officiating Football. In the class, we examined every aspect of the sport and the people that make it go. One video showed how Alabama interacted with its fans and potential recruits. The media team created pictures, videos, and wrote about their team every day. That sounded like the job for me. And that’s how I began looking at public relations/advertising.

Little Red Writing was the perfect fit for me when it came to an internship. The tasks I do help me test the waters of public relations and advertising, and will be a mainstay at whatever job I find after college. It also provides me work experience and examples that I could present to a future employer. It could even be a landing spot for me after I graduate college. Little Red Writing truly is my open door into the world of multimedia public relations and advertising, and I’m excited for this adventure. I’ll be sure to give an update in August before I go back to school. Until then, cheers!