There’s something you should know…

We’re a little old school around here. Maybe you got that feeling about us when you saw our vintage images. It’s not all about the look, though. We’re old school because technology sometimes takes away that personal touch. Sure, we have the latest and greatest. We use it sometimes, too.

With something as important as your book, we thought the personal touch mixed with a bit of technology was the best choice. Here’s how that works: Fill out the form to the right to let us know you’re really interested in getting your book published ASAP. Then, a real person will reach out to chat about your project and fill you in on all the details our landing page left out. No bots. No automated messages.

You can decide then if Little Red Writing is the best fit. If not, that’s okay! At least you can be sure at that point that your email address won’t end up on some endless loop of marketing messages.

Still with us? Fill out that form so we can talk!