At the time this article is being written, 3.3 million new unemployment cases have been opened in the United States. Other than those who are at home without a job, millions more are working from home, cutting their commute time by 100%. This means our country has just stumbled upon the gift of a lot of extra free time. How are they choosing to spend it?

A lot of people would like to be out doing something – shopping, working out at the gym, meeting with friends – but instead, they’re stuck inside. Without much else to do, many are finally catching up on reading those blogs they’ve been meaning to get to.

What does that mean for you as a content marketer? You’re in the spotlight now more than ever. It’s time to tighten the ship and make sure you’re giving your audience the best you’ve got.

Even though people are reading, and your job might be safe for now, remember that your clients’ businesses might be suffering. You may see a decrease in business yourself while the world is figuring out how to survive the new normal. While we wait for the old normal to return, what can you be doing to make sure you’re giving your best?


There’s no question our country is going through a recession right now. The real unknowns are how deep it will be and long it will last. Unfortunately, there’s no way to be sure. One thing we do know is no man is an island, and it’s time to help one another out. Get to know other content marketers and learn from each other. You can help each other improve your own work, thereby giving the general public as a whole the best presentation of the information you do have.

Do Some Digging

What have you been ignoring during your busier season? Have you put off potential clients? Perhaps you’ve been wanting to start a mailing list but found the task too daunting. Do you lack a social media presence? Dig around in your “To Do” pile and see what you can put into motion while you wait for business to get rolling again.

Make It Better

If you want to be official, you could call this “auditing” your work. Go back through and tighten it up. Fix those typos that slipped through. Add or adjust SEO. Respond to comments you might have overlooked. Update titles and add descriptions that better reflect the times. Stepping up your work means more respect and potentially more clients in the end.

Keep Informing

Don’t back off because you think people might not want to consume certain content during this time. Tell people what you or your brand are doing to help. Let them know you’re fighting the good fight in an effort to keep your customers safe.

Get Creative

Great content marketers know how to persevere in almost any situation by flipping it around to their advantage. For example, like most non-essential businesses, the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City shuttered its doors due in an abundance of caution over COVID-19 earlier this month. But chief marketing and communications director Seth Spillman knew they couldn’t just let folks forget about the museum during the shutdown. Instead, he made Tim, the museum’s head of security, the new social media manager. Little did they know, Tim would become an absolute internet sensation! “What we found was an authentic voice for the Museum,” Spillman says. “What we didn’t anticipate was how much that voice would resonate with people during this difficult time. It’s wonderful.” It is wonderful, and it’s also a prime example of how creativity can spark a lot of chatter about your brand.

Remember above all that anxiety and uncertainty abound right now. Be sensitive to those around you who are unsure of their circumstances. Take criticism with a grain of salt, and be sure not to react immediately to those who may seem out of control. We are all in this together, so this is the time to use the resources you have to provide the best of your service to your clients.