Your brand might be one of many in a very crowded market. You are desperate to stand out. You want to yell from your website, “Hey! I’m here, and this is why you need to give me a try!” But there’s no audio, so no one hears your frantic calls. What can you do to make your silent plea? Don’t be afraid to show your personality in your business blog!

Showing personality means throwing in a quirk that the reader might not see elsewhere. Something that makes you different from the rest. Which personality plug should you tap? Well, other than being a key cog of your brand, it needs to be something that will connect with your audience. Take a look at these tips:

Be You (But Professional)

First things first, make sure the part of your personality you show is a favorable attribute. You might be a terrible speller, but that isn’t the personality trait you want to flaunt in your blog. Mistakes will always cause you to lose credibility. A lack of editing shows that you don’t take the time to put out your best work. Not caring is definitely not the image you are going for. So, while it is okay to use slang that might work for your audience, and maybe break a few grammatical rules (oh those dangling prepositions!), leave it at that so you don’t look sloppy. You can download apps like Grammarly if you’re not the king/queen of grammar.

Know Your Audience

Speaking of what works for your audience, it’s a good idea to have your finger on their pulse. You may know all the cool GIFs and funny memes that are attractive to a younger audience, but if you put them in a blog about senior health care, your effort might be for naught. Conversely, blogging about teen hair products, without using some kind of cultural reference and a lot of perfectly-filtered pictures Instagram-style will be forgettable. Get to know your audience and what they expect to see while still remembering to show your personality in your business blog.

If You’re Being Trendy, Stay With the Trends

Nothing can be more annoying than someone who doesn’t know when to stop. Just because everyone was using that catchphrase last year doesn’t mean that it’s going to be relevant down the road. This is especially true when you are marketing to younger people. Some of their trends last week to week. But while an up-to-date reference can make you look on top of it all for the first week, you’re kicking a dead horse if you stick with it too long. Imagine a popular song everyone is dancing to. Imagine it gets played over and over and over. Eventually, people will get sick of hearing it. Reference that song a week too late, and you may have just burned a lead. Keep your content updated.

So, how do you stay up with what’s hip? Always use sources in your target age demographic. If you’re talking about teens or millennials, chances are they will be thrilled to keep you up to date.

Choose How to Incorporate Personality

Since your personality and your business should blend, it shouldn’t be too overwhelming when someone visits your site. A good rule of thumb is to add content to your site or blog professionally first. Maybe you have a blog about relaxation techniques. Provide all your information appropriately. Because your blog should set a relaxing tone, you will need to choose relaxing colors and fonts. The extra touches you add – which soothing colors you like best, how you might want to add graphics – that’s all on you.

People like interacting with people more than machines. If you can make your blog sound like you, and not a robot, you’ll be winning a lot more fans. Or maybe you’re just not a wordsmith, that’s okay too! Little Red Writing can do all of the writing for you! Contact us for more information.