We’ve talked about Fable Beard Co. and its genius approach to content marketing and seasonal product lines. Well, we’ve been keeping up with them, and they’ve found a way to raise their marketing game. We found their holiday marketing to be downright genius, so we thought we’d share!


Christmas Time Is Here

Fable Beard Co. has continued to cycle in new seasonal scent profiles that perfectly match the characters the company creates. The first seasonal scent released this year was Jack Frost, a scent profile featuring pine, fir, and cedar with a hint of peppermint winter chill. The profile paired with the chilling picture of a mischievous Jack Frost sends a cold chill blowing through my beard. 

I don’t know if Fable planned this, but I also believe it was a stroke of genius that Jack Frost was released before The Claus. The art of Jack Frost is the perfect antithesis to The Claus. Where Jack Frost is slender and chilly, Claus is warm and buff. Jack Frost wears a frosty blue robe and hat as he forms a snowball with his frosty breath. Meanwhile, Santa left the hat at home in favor of aviator goggles. Upon first glance, he appears to be wearing a traditional Santa robe, but a closer look shows Santa’s rippling muscles and stained undershirt. Plus he’s packing a giant candy cane and giving someone (Mrs. Claus, perhaps?) a sly, sideways grin. If you put these pictures side-by-side, it could be the greatest holiday clash of all time. 

Even the scent profiles differ. Santa smells like a warm holiday house, freshly baked cookies, sweet vanilla frosting, and holiday cheer, a complete contrast to Jack Frost’s chilly profile. These two jump out of the seasonal product menu on their website. 

Other seasonal products include the Gingerbread Man (gingerbread, toffee, and Christmas spices), the Elf (hot chocolate and marshmallow), and the Snowman (peppermint snow cream). Fable, as usual, has created wonderful scent profiles that perfectly fit the characters who represent them.

Though some of the other seasonal character/scent matches seemed like a bit of a stretch to me, all of the Christmas holiday characters match up perfectly with their scent profiles. I fully anticipate a snowball fight with Jack Frost in the middle of an evergreen forest, snowballs leaving a tinge of peppermint scent behind as they whiz past my head. And if I were to awaken to find the Claus nestling presents under my tree, I believe he would smell like cookies and holiday cheer. 

Fable Beard Co. has done a fantastic job of crafting popular Christmas characters and products with their own Fable-tastic twist. The market for small luxury products is projected to grow to 7.5 billion this year, and novelty helps drive the sale of these items. Fable has found its own niche by providing great content, a great product, and holiday novelty to help create a great holiday marketing strategy.

Going the Extra Mile

Another great thing about Fable is the value they put into every order. The last time we covered this brand, we chatted about the hand-signed letters and wax-sealed envelopes included in each purchase. Well, they’re still doing that, but around this time of year, Fable does something a little extra special. In every order, they send a bag of beard ornaments. They’re tiny plastic ornament balls with hair clips on the ends, allowing you to hang them from whatever facial hair you have. It’s fun, festive, and it shows a little appreciation for the customers that help Fable Beard Co. thrive. 

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference in winning over first-time purchasers to your brand. This is supported by the Prateo Principle: 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. Being creative and providing that little bit of extra value for your customers can speak volumes. Did you know that when businesses lose customers, 68% of customers say they left because they felt unappreciated by the business? Fable Beard Co. excels at customer appreciation by going the extra mile.


Offer An Incentive

When it comes down to it, nothing gets people onboard like some kind of discount. Not only does Fable offer a discount wheel when you log in to the website. For Black Friday, they offered a “buy-one-get-one” sale for everything in the store. All beard oils, shave oils, butters, and body washes, all BOGO. These discounts make giving the gift of Fable an easy and cost-effective option for the holidays.


In Conclusion

Once again, Fable has outdone themselves in their approach to marketing, especially for the holiday season. By creating a great product with a holiday twist in a thriving market, adding extra value and appreciating the customer, and offering incentives to make gifting their products more cost-friendly, Fable has launched an effective holiday marketing strategy that they predict will test the capabilities of their business to fill the orders. Fable has continued to grow since we last wrote about them, and they will be a brand to watch. We look forward to seeing how they expand in the future.