We study brands a lot. What to do. What not to do. Which ones get it just right. Which ones miss the mark by a mile. A brand has a lot of moving parts, and when one of those parts breaks down, it can harm the company’s image—sometimes irreparably. Oh, but when a brand gets it all right… It’s magical, isn’t it?

Once in a while, we run across those branding unicorns—the ones that get it just right. Those mind-blowing brands are few and far between, and that’s why we decided to feature our favorites as we discover them. This time, we’re taking a look at Fable Beard Co. 

The Product

Fable Beard Company sells beard care products as well as feminine shaving products. The product is great. It only takes a drop or two, and it doesn’t leave your beard greasy. It leaves your beard soft and shiny. As far as the scent goes, the profile is super accurate and not overpowering. 

Fable Beard Co. also focuses on the quality of the ingredients it uses in its product: beeswax, essential oils, CBD oils, etc. The prices are a little expensive compared to store brands, but the ingredients explain the premium pricing. Plus, every time you enter the site (at least on mobile), there’s a discount wheel, so you always feel like you’re getting a good deal.


As good as the product is, the first thing that Fable Beard Co. sells is its brand. The first ad I saw was similar to the one seen here.

Of course, the first thing you see is this great visual of the product and incredible copy of the scent profile complete with eye-catching emojis. The way the scents are described, you can almost smell the product through the screen. The font creates a spooky fall feel. 

The company capitalizes on selling scents based on seasons, keeping a few mainstays throughout the year. This is part of what caught my attention. I was looking for something special to bring in the fall (my favorite season).

That was enough to draw me to the website and the treasure trove of content they have there. Their motto, “Every beard has a story,” sets the stage for the creative descriptions that follow. The website and product marketing focus on creating fantasy characters that represent each line of product. The descriptions give life to the characters but also integrate the scent profiles into the backstory of the representative character. Take The Marksman, for example.

In the dead of night lurking in the shadows is The Marksman. By the time you smell the rich woods of the arrows and the night silence, it is too late for you!

The Marksman – Crisp Pine, Warm Cedar, Fresh Sandalwood, Soft Mosses, and Mystical Amber”


Some of the product copy focuses more on the feelings and memories it tries to evoke rather than the character. The “Savior” scent describes bonfires, pumpkin treats, and the smell of autumn air, calling the reader’s mind to fall camping trips. The “Harvester” focuses on weaving the tale of an evil harvester, reaping the lives of those unfortunate enough to wander into his field. While the story doesn’t directly connect with the scent profile, the name “Harvester” combined with the Halloween story brings to mind produce that is harvested in the fall. 

With every season comes new scents. In the summer, the Patriot comes around for a while, but when the air gets chilly and the leaves start to fall, there are plenty of creepy crawlies that inhabit the Fable Beard Co. website. Check out the Harvester, Soul Miner, Boogeyman, and the Collector.

These top characters may not inspire belief in the sweet smells of Fable Beard Co., but man, the scent profiles will. These characters create a backdrop for great storytelling. The storytelling—that’s what knocks you off your feet. 

Beyond the storytelling for each product, there are several pieces of quality content that explain beard products; how to use them; and tips and tricks to interest those in having the slickest, healthiest beard possible. Most of the content consists of informational videos showing how to do various beard treatments. Fable Beard Co. really goes all out with a green screen, special effects, and original music. There is something for people who are mildly interested in beard care to those who have a weekly beard regimen. 


Through clever storytelling and compelling beard-conscious content, Fable engages consumers hungry for more beard products and Fable’s unique content.


Speaking of storytelling, Fable Beard Co. has a section completely dedicated to stories inspired by mainstay characters from their product lines. There, you can read stories based on your favorite product’s character. The stories provide even more development to the characters established through the products. The best part is that Fable Beard Co. allows brand fans to get in on the fun. They have a Facebook page for bearded (and non-bearded) brand fans who have a way with words. You don’t have to just be a fan; you can be a part of the fun too!

What if you want more? Well, Fable Beard Co. provides the ability to create your own product, complete with character, backstory, and apparel. They’ll work with you through the whole process of crafting a scent special to you or someone close to you. You can give a picture and input on a character and scent that Fable will create. You’ll actually be involved in creating something amazing with a brand that you enjoy.

Engagement is huge with Gen Z audiences. According to Mention, 75% of what you sell is your brand experience. Through engagement, Fable Beard Co. makes consumers part of the storytelling experience.

Customer Service

Another great thing about Fable is their customer service. Everyone says they have great customer service, but I can tell you about it from experience. I wanted to order a new oil (The Candyman), and when I opened the page, I got an offer to spin the discount wheel. I received a buy-one-get-one offer. So I put a couple of beard oils in the shopping cart and tried to check out, but the code didn’t work. I messaged Fable in Facebook Messenger to try and figure out what the problem was. Turns out I was simply using the wrong code. The code I was using allowed me to buy oil and receive the corresponding beard butter free. Fable sent me a code that would allow me to buy oil and then get a free oil. Fable’s Messenger response was quick and helpful.








I ordered a couple of beard oils (The Boogeyman and The Candyman), and they arrived two days before they were supposed to. I opened the package and found a hand-signed envelope sealed with a wax seal featuring the Fable logo. There’s such a novelty! I mean, when was the last time you received a letter, let alone something handwritten with a wax seal? While it’s nothing groundbreaking or new, just a simple personal touch, it’s a really cool gesture. Total brand win!

Once I actually got my hands on the products inside, I noticed that I had received the wrong oil (The Boogeyman and The Collector). While The Collector was a great product, I was excited to try The Candyman. I called Fable Beard Co. and spoke with The Wizard himself, Collin Gray. He told me to keep The Collector oil, and he would send me The Candyman for free. We also talked about the video content and all of the characters and stories that he’s created (Collin Gray, if you’re reading this, shout out to you). 

Excellent customer service paired with a great customer experience has created a consumer who will definitely be going back to Fable Beard Co. for all of my (and my friends’) beard care needs.

In conclusion… 

What’s amazing about Fable Beard Co. is that they provide eye-catching and interesting product marketing to draw you in. If you’re satisfied with buying a product, they provide quality products and various subscription plans. The product quality is enough to earn the loyalty of repeat customers. If the storytelling and informational content pique your interest, there’s no shortage of regularly updated content. The brand is still up and coming, but thanks to its creative marketing strategies, it’s certainly one to watch.