How do you let your readers know that a topic is still relevant in the industry? You put in front of their eyes again. Not only does this reinforce what you’ve already said the first time, but it introduces the idea to those who may have missed it the first time around – aka, repurposing content!

What Other Reasons Are There to Repurpose Content?


If you have statistics or time-sensitive information in your blog, keeping it updated is important to stay relevant. If you want to be cited in articles by other sources, you will be glossed over quickly when it’s noted that your data is out of date. Stay current, and your work may appear in a number of other industry-related blogs.

SEO Boost

Be seen. The fresher the content is that you post, the less likely it is to be buried in search results. You also may have more updated terminology to add to your keywords so you can be found by those looking.

It’s Good!

Showcase your best work! If you have done something well, there’s nothing wrong with making sure more people see it. Even if someone has already read that post, a reminder is good for everyone.

How Do You Repurpose Content?


The idea is to make sure your content doesn’t look the same as before. Make a collection of “best of” ideas. That way, you can use the best snippets of several posts and put them together to make another great post. If you have enough to work with, there’s the possibility of creating an e-book with what you’ve posted.

A New Home

If you posted your content on your website only the last time, you only reached a portion of those you could have. Have you thought about different sites? Try Linked In, Quora, or maybe Pinterest if your content makes a good visual. Research where your audience is usually found online and post your best there.

Make a Sequel

Use your original post as a springboard to answer more questions about the topic. If your post created a symposium of comments, this would be the perfect time to bring those comments to surface.

Guest Post

Use what you’ve created to help someone else out. Partner with someone else in the industry to enhance their blog, while getting exposure with a different audience. You can return the favor by allowing your partner to do a guest post on your blog as well. Look at it as a week off, while still getting the work done.

Sum it Up

The end of the year is a great time to review. Look back through your content to see which posts performed the best and received the most attention. Rank your best and present it as an end of year wrap-up.

So if you start hearing rivals complain that you are being lazy, just kick back and watch them try to search for something new while you already know what’s important. As long as you are adding value to your previous content, you are already a step up from where you’ve been. Of course, you can always hire Little Red Writing to do the work for you, contact us today!