The sun is sinking fast on 2020. While we can’t particularly say we’re sad to see it go, we hope there were some bright spots in there for you and yours! As we prepare to say goodbye to 2020, we look forward to the bright possibilities of 2021. We wish you the best in whatever business or industry you’ve decided to conquer, but as you well know, products and services do not sell themselves. That’s where we can provide assistance. Here are some ways that a partnership with Little Red Writing can benefit you in the coming year.

You have someone to take care of your marketing.

You have a business to run. That means you have payroll to manage, invoices to run, shelves to stock, and customer service issues to resolve—all that in addition to leading the business and providing direction. Along with the other responsibilities heaped on your plate, you also have to give your customers what they need to make qualified purchasing decisions. Did you know that 81% of consumers research online before they make a purchase? Those consumers typically take almost eighty days of research before they make a major purchase. If your consumers are looking for answers, you want to be the source they come to. Eighty days of research means you’ll need a lot of content to placate the knowledge-hungry consumer.

We can help. We are a team of marketers with the ability to create specialized content for your field. We’ve worked in more than forty industries, so you can be sure we’ve got the expertise to write for you. Not only can we write content in your field in a professional and competent manner, but we excel at adapting and writing content with our client’s voice in mind. 

Even better—we keep up with current marketing trends so you don’t have to. The best part is that you can be as involved as you want to in this marketing process. If you want to make edits, that’s fine. If you want to create a list of blog topics, we’re all ears. If you’d rather leave it all to us, sit back, and enjoy your favorite coffee…well, do you take it with milk or black? (We don’t currently have any baristas on staff, so preparing your perfect cup of coffee is the one thing we can’t do for you.) 😉 

We wear multiple hats so you don’t have to.

Now that you’ve heard about our experience, can you imagine the possibilities of a 2021 with Little Red Writing involved? Did you know that when it comes to a successful content management team, you have six steps in the process?

The first step is to strategize. The content strategist is usually the one to head this up. Their job is exactly what it sounds like: to create a strategy to achieve your marketing goals through content marketing. This includes setting goals, building buyer personas, creating a timeline, and setting the measurements for success. The marketing team leader is also very involved in this step. The other six steps are planning, creating, reviewing, publishing/promoting, and measuring. Each of these has at least one person who shoulders the responsibility for every step. 

When it comes to the editorial role, Valerie Turgeon of Brandpoint suggests that you hire two content writers who act as editors for each other. While this is a smart way to turn out more content, higher volumes of workflow could create the need to hire other editors to allow the writers to write full-time. At the end of the day, you have at least six or seven people to make up an effective marketing team.

Little Red Writing is a built-in, full-service content creation team with a varied skill set. We have writers who can manage your social media as well as create and edit video content. Our editors also chip in on the content strategy. As the old saying goes, “Many hands make light work.” At Little Red Writing it looks more like, “Many minds make content marketing a snap.”

You’ll have fewer expenditures.

The best part of hiring Little Red Writing is that you get a full marketing team for a fraction of the cost of curating and hiring one in-house. Did you know that the average salary in the United States is $957 a week? That’s almost $50,000 a year. On average, payroll accounts for 70% of businesses’ expenditures and is typically an organization’s largest expense. Plus, managing payroll costs one hundred work hours for every twenty-five employees. We’re not even talking about benefits yet, but odds are that you offer them.

The beauty of Little Red Writing is that we help you cut costs and simplify your content management solutions. You don’t pay multiple salaries, benefits, or vacation days. No paid lunches or water-cooler chitchat. You get the content you need for the agreed-upon price. We strongly believe it’ll be difficult to top our prices. We charge well below industry average for various types of content writing, content management, and editing. 

Since we’re looking forward to 2021, take a moment to imagine what your business could be like with Little Red Writing at the helm of your content calendar. You can be more engaging on social media, more informative for your followers, and a regular voice in your industry’s discourse. All that at a cost that will make your followers and competitors wonder, “How do they do it,” “Can you imagine that?” Because with Little Red Writing, we can make that fairytale a reality.

If this sounds like a beautiful partnership you would want to undertake 2021 with, contact us today.