See if this sounds like you. You’ve worked in your industry and you have a knowledge of many of the ins and outs relevant to your work. You may not know everything, but if you don’t know, you know where to find the information you need. If you feel that you can offer your industry more than simply being a part of it, you need to release the thought leader dwelling inside of you.

How do you become a thought leader you may ask? Well you learn from other thought leaders. When asked what the most critical abilities needed to be a thought leader were, these were the five traits that were identified most often in conversation with many top leaders:


Be willing to talk to new people. Be ready to leave your comfort zone. Get to know the movers and shakers in your industry and learn from them—what are they doing? What do they think is important and why? People don’t move up in the world if they don’t know the people at the top. But along with talking to others, make sure you are listening as well. People need to feel that their ideas matter or they will stop talking. Listening to all voices will help you find out more about the industry you represent.


This might require some self-talk, but you need to reach a point where you can put humility to the side and see yourself for the potential you have. With this self-confidence, you won’t be second guessing yourself when you think you see a new trend approaching. You’ll be able to take the bull by the horns and move it. Captivate people when you speak to them. What you have to say is worth listening to! Be ready to trust your instincts and believe in yourself.


If you treat others with respect, you will be challenging them to be even better than perhaps they thought they could be. A true leader is always making others better. And being a little controversial helps get others to think about what they truly believe as well, so go ahead and say what’s on your mind. Putting yourself out there will show others that it’s okay to have a respectful conversation.


Adapt quickly when needed. Even though you need to be confident, you also need to be able to admit when you don’t know enough. Get beyond that doubt and learn more. Of course, once you have learned something new, be ready to incorporate it into your system to find what works. It’s a rare process that does not need updating from time to time.


Even with the above in mind, don’t be afraid to go rogue. Think outside the box. You won’t get anywhere new doing what’s already been done, so blaze a new trail. This is going to require making sure you are well-researched in order to take the next step and get ahead, but hey, everything worth doing is worth doing right. Mostly, you have to let you be you. There’s something about you that stands out. Be ready to show it to the world.

So, are you ready to rise to the top? It may seem like a big step to become a thought leader, but we’re always here to help. We have several ghostwriters can help you write and publish content for your website and beyond. Let us help you be a game-changer in your industry.