If you’ve ever written anything, you know there’s plenty of obstacles that can get in the way of you finishing your project. Writer’s block, insecurity, being unsure of how to develop your thought—all these things can grind your book to a halt. Much like any other endeavor, a great coach can help you break through the ceiling. With proper coaching, the sky’s the limit.


That’s why a writing coach can be an invaluable asset for any writer, no matter your experience level. There is an abundance of writing coaches out there and there is also an abundance of writing coach scams. We’re much more than writing coaches, but coaching is one of the many benefits you will receive from Little Red Writing’s Writing workshop. 


Writing guru Jamie Morris says, “Your writing coach knows the terrain you want to travel; she knows how long the road is, how steep the climb, and where obstacles are likely to lie.” For Little Red Writing, writing is our business. We have 50+ years of combined writing experience in 40+ industries. Not only are we expert writers (we have three published writers on staff), we probably have experience in your industry, and even if we don’t, we haven’t met an industry we couldn’t handle. By teaming up with us, you gain access to all that experience and knowledge. We aren’t here to boss you around, though. We understand this is your project, and we want to be your teammate. 


As we previously mentioned, there are plenty of reputable (and disreputable) writing coaches out there, so why should you work with us? We’ve already told you about our experience and that we want a partnership, not a hard takeover. We also help you throughout the process. 


Many of the biggest writing coaches help you in the concept and writing phase but leave you to your own devices in the marketing and publishing phase. You also need to ask about editing and formatting because some coaches offer those services and some do not. The Little Red Writing workshop is a commitment to you and your project. We go at your pace, helping you with the phases of the process that you need, from concept to publishing. We’re with you all the way. 


Not only are we in for the long haul, but we’re in for much less than other coaches. Some popular coaching programs charge $35,000, but by attending our webinar and working with us, we can get your book to bookshelves for $5,000. We also offer marketing services, blog tours, and your own website dedicated to your book for an added $2,000.


If you’re ready to get started, sign up for our webinar now. We’re ready to jump in to help you through this project and get your ideas on the shelf.