When a prospective client approaches me with their freshly completed book, my first words are always, “Congratulations on finishing your book!” 


Every time. Without fail.


Because starting a book is hard. Writing that book is hard. Finishing that book is a dang miracle. And miracles must be celebrated before the next steps begin.


I’ll say it again: Whether you’re writing fiction to entertain or non-fiction to inform, writing a book is hard. 


There are several steps to go through, starting with the first: deciding what to write about. You need to brainstorm concepts, ideas, anecdotes, and plots, come up with a framework to present those ideas, write those ideas down, edit them, change them, polish them, format them, then put them down in a well-designed book, publish the book, and then market it. 


Okay, so I may have shortened that list of steps a little. I didn’t want to terrify you. But it is scary, isn’t it? Actually doing those things at a high level takes a lot of time and money.


For years, even before I started Little Red Writing, I helped business owners and coaches get their books published. Each of these authors had one thing in common: they had worked with a writing coach or writing workshop to get guidance and motivation to get past the goal line. 


Some writing coaches/writing seminars can cost over $50,000. They offer their advice, and offer some basic editing services, but they neglect important aspects of the publishing process like marketing, line editing, and publishing. Essentially, when these authors were finished with the class, they had only a Word document and no idea what to do next.


After spending thousands of dollars, they had to dig into their wallets again to pay someone to help them edit, format, and finally publish their books. 


There has to be a better way. A way to receive the support, advice, and expertise that can be the difference between a successful book and a project that gets kicked down the road forever. We thought the same thing.


Little Red Writing has a better way. The Little Red Writing workshop offers you the opportunity to partner with us, a team of professional (and some of us are published) writers with a combined 50+ years of experience in over 40 industries. We are with you the whole way, from the brainstorming phase all the way to your book hitting the shelves (both physically and virtually). We’ve already helped publish several books, as can be seen here. The workshop, writing coaching, content editing, line editing, copy editing, formatting, and publishing is all included for $5,000. For $2,000, we provide promotional materials, your own book promotion website, social media promotion, blog tours, and more. 


We provide the support and expertise you need to take your book from fantasy to reality. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today!