When you look at huge corporations and big box stores, do you, in your small business or startup, ever feel like a David in the world of Goliaths? Don’t forget who won that battle. How did he do it? With five smooth stones. I don’t have five stones for you, but I do have four tips for you to add to your arsenal. You won’t be taking down the giants, just stealing some of their thunder.


When everything is being mass-produced overseas, your product could hold more value than you think. Many people are looking to spend their money on locally produced merchandise because they can count on the quality. A locally owned business has to provide quality products and services, because they see their customers every day—at the store, in the post office, or at the kids’ ballet class.

When you think of “Mom and Pop” stores, you know that many stayed in business for a reason—people trust Mom and Pop. People are often willing to pay a few bucks more if they know their purchase has been crafted with care. Just make sure your product lives up to your promise.

Personal Touch

Your reputation is what will make you stand out. This is why people are looking for you. One bad customer service experience can drive a customer away for good. When you are working day to day in your business, that one customer makes a difference! You need to treat her as such.

What does good customer care look like? Personalize the customer relationship. Respond quickly to contact direct, using names—both the customer’s and yours. Let them know you are striving for satisfaction. Let them know they’re dealing with you—the business owner—and not a call center.

In this day and age, word travels quickly. Providing excellent customer care could lead to recommendations to friends on Facebook, reviews on Amazon, or any number of tweets, links, or shares. If you don’t think people read reviews, stop and think about the last time you had to make a buying decision. Did you look at reviews? Chances are you did. And if you are, who else is? (hint: everybody!)

Brand Story

You’ve got a brand story behind your business. Your website is a great place to tell it. People like working with other people, especially if they can relate to them. If you are just an average Joe trying to make ends meet by selling the one thing you know everything about, say so! Other average Joes will get that. And they will trust you. If you started selling your product because you feel strongly about it, tell people! Your brand story will reach the ears, heads, hearts, and then wallets of your exact target audience.


You also have more to offer your customer than just your product. You have expertise. Your knowledge could be what keeps your customers coming back to your website over and over. Little by little, they are going to realize they need everything you have. Your products and your know-how.

Of the four points given above, none of it costs you more than time and hard work. The old adage is true: People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. When they see your hard work, they will be willing to invest in you.

We can help your audience see your hard work. Quality content on your website helps you sell your product, your brand, and your story. If you need some help rising above your competition, give us a call.