If your business doesn’t have a blog on your website, you really might want to consider starting one. Without a blog, you could be missing out on opportunities for additional marketing and exposure as well as lots of repeat website visitors. Still not convinced? Keep reading to see why your business should be hosting a blog.

What do the Statistics Say?

Businesses that blog regularly have been reported to gain 67% more leads each month. Isn’t that whole point of a website, getting leads? Oh wait, you would rather have concrete customers, wouldn’t you? Well, you will also find that nearly 60% of those using blogs for marketing on their websites believe that they are indeed gaining additional customers, just by blogging. As of last year, 84% of bloggers have reported seeing positive results from posting. Is there anything to lose when you see stats like those?

But are people actually reading these blogs? You bet. A 2017 study showed that over 409 million people are reading blog posts regularly. That’s a lot of potential leads!

How Does it Help?

What are people saying about you and your business? Google your brand at some point and see what you find out about yourself. If you have a reputable company, chances are you will see positive things. However, it only takes one bad apple to ruin the bunch. Find one person who had a bad review of your brand—whether it was an honest review or not—and it could negatively impact your image. How do you fix that tarnished image? Obviously, you first address the negative comment. Even then, not everyone who sees the blemish will know it has been addressed. So, your next step is to bury the bad with all the beneficial information! That’s where your blog comes in. The more positive information you add around your brand, the better the image of you and your brand will be. People tend to be more trusting of what they hear directly from the source.

What’s worse than finding a negative comment about your product in a search? Not finding anything about your product at all. Without much content from your website online, there won’t be much for Google to turn up. Keep adding content to boost your SEO.

Build Credibility

Blogs are a great way to network with others in your sector. If you have credible information on your blog, you will find yourself being cross-cited on other blogs in your industry. That will instantly boost your recognition as well as drive additional traffic to your own site. More visits turn into more leads, which in turn become more customers.

This kind of relationship can also be a help when you are in need of new material for your blog. Invite your colleagues to write a guest blog post for you. It will boost their recognition while giving you an additional week to come up with new information on your own. Win/win.

Blogging takes time and effort to become a reliable source. That could be why not all businesses are doing it. But it’s a must for a company looking to gain new leads and customers. If you don’t have time to put in the work that’s needed, outsource your content marketing to a reputable company. The standing you will gain from regular blogging will be worth the investment.