You’ve done the hard part already: You’ve put in the time and hard work to start your business. Website? Yup, you’ve got one. Brand story? You know exactly what you to say. Whether your goal is to drive traffic to your site now, or you need help to draft a press release for your company’s recent merger, you’re ready to make it happen. Should you hire a staff copywriter? That’s a big expense.

Don’t spend your whole budget on a full-time employee. Little Red Writing is here for you. Let’s explore how we can become your staff copywriter and help you meet your goals.

Why Should You Work With Us?

Before we delve deep into how we can work for you, let’s go over why it’s a great idea. Our awesome Write-Hand Woman Melissa Fox has already gone over this topic in a previous blog post, so we’ll just briefly recap the highlights. Here at Little Red Writing, we are creative, engaging, experienced, professional copywriters. We’ll handle your content creation so you can focus on the main aspects of your company’s role. Hiring us to work as your staff copywriter is a financially savvy decision, too: You only pay for the services you need.

Are you sold yet? Awesome! Let’s talk about how we can serve as your copywriter.

What Can We Do?

Are you looking to up your Twitter game? Do you want to engage your clients with a monthly newsletter? Perhaps you’ve started a series of blog posts already, and it’s just getting overwhelming—you might need to expand them into an e-book. We do all this, and more! Check out our blog to get an idea of our staff writers’ experience and individual writing styles. Get in touch with us to get answers to your specific questions. We have a variety of services available, waiting to be tailored to your business, so decide which package best fits your needs. (If you don’t see exactly what you need, please reach out to us to request a quote. Here at Little Red Writing, we definitely know how to think outside the box—we’re standing by to customize our services for you.)

How Can We Do It?

Ok, you’ve identified your goals, and you want to put us to work. Great! We love to pen your story in your voice, so let’s discuss how we can make that happen. Before we go all-in crafting your personalized content, we need to know more about your company.

There are different ways for us to get acquainted. We can explore your website, focusing on the areas you like, as well as the ones which you feel need improvement. We can check out your social media. We can speak via teleconference. We can send you a brand questionnaire and get your take on everything.

If you have previous content already written, and you want us to keep the tone, let us read what you have—reading your previous works gives us a great sense of exactly the creative direction in which we need to go. Whatever you feel will give us the best sense of your company’s vision, that’s what we’ll use to personalize our words to fit your needs, so please, be our muse. We can’t write your story without you!

We’re also going to need to know everything we can about your customers. Your customers are the characters in your brand story, and your business won’t flourish unless you can reach just the right customers in just the right way. We need to make sure we know your customers right-side-up, upside-down, and inside-out so we can use the most effective methods to engage and delight them. In this respect, your customers’ buyer personas are invaluable to us! They give us a clear sense of how we can best target specific customers for your specific products and services.

With a brand storyteller that can do all of this, why would you need to hire a staff copywriter? Hint: You don’t! Once you’re ready to let us use our writing talents to grow your business, let us know. We’re standing by to work hard for you!

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