Whether you’re a non-profit trying to promote the service you provide to the community, an enterprise organization advertising your brand, or anything in between, you need marketing expertise. Even marketing agencies need marketing assistance sometimes. So, if you’ve found yourself in this position, or think that you could be in that position in the future, you’ll have to ask yourself one of the hardest questions in marketing: should I hire in-house or find a marketing agency? 

We understand we are a little biased. We are a marketing agency after all. But several of us have worked on the in-house side of things. We’ve been the content marketers, the marketing specialists, the paid search strategists, the social media managers, and the copywriters. We know the pros and the cons of the position, and we want to present our case to you.



When you hire a paid-search strategist you get what you pay for: a paid-search strategist. While you should get a great paid-search strategist, you may end up with weaknesses in other areas. Your content marketing strategy may not be as strong and your social media account may look pretty bare. You can’t blame the paid-search strategist; you’re paying them to enact a paid search strategy. Many organizations will stay in a rut with a single marketing tactic because they have hired an expert for one specific job and can’t afford to hire one in another area. A marketing agency gives you access to a marketing team for a single price, not a paycheck with benefits.

A team like that would be hard to pay for and justify. A smaller business doesn’t typically need the services of a social media manager full time. However, it would be difficult to find an individual who would want to fill that need on a part-time basis. Marketing agencies can fill that need because they have multiple clients supporting them.



Online marketers are innately creative, but that does mean they avoid boredom like the plague. Looking at the same keywords every day can get stale, and creating a stellar product out of that becomes tough. That’s why entry to mid-level marketers switch jobs every two to three years. All the training and acclimation goes down the drain, and you’re back at step one.

Not only does a marketing agency have their employees working on multiple accounts (the work stays fresh), but they also have multiple people working on your account. If, for some reason, one of our employees left, your marketing strategy wouldn’t begin again at step one.



Oh, yeah. You didn’t really think you would be hearing about friendship in today’s blog did you? Well, marketing agencies do a lot of business with other professionals, like graphic designers and artists. If you need something we can’t provide, we can introduce you to someone who can help.

Marketing agencies also maintain various software accounts so that you don’t have to. Because we use them for multiple clients, we can afford to take on the additional cost. If your one small business used all the same software for your marketing, the cost could become overwhelming. The same is true for large accounts with Google and other service providers. Plus, our larger accounts with these software and service providers means we catch their attention sooner when we need customer service assistance.



There are benefits to hiring individual marketing specialists, especially in larger corporations. You have someone dedicated to you and your business, and your messaging stays in the company, to name a couple positives. We believe, however, that for many businesses, marketing agencies are a perfect solution for creating and maintaining a marketing strategy. We hope you will consider us to be your partner. If you need marketing help, contact us today!