As a business owner, you’re always searching for new ways to boost your business.  One way which may have never crossed your mind is to publish a book. Publishing a book is a wonderful way to add instant credibility to your business, and it will help you shine above the rest.  Once you become a published author, you become an instant expert in your field. In today’s world—where information abounds and content is king— knowledge truly is power, and who knows more than an expert?  Publishing a book offers a multitude of benefits for you as well as your business.  Here are some important ones.


A Hefty Business Card

Every business owner needs to spread the word to the public about his or her business.  Business cards are a great way to do this…until they end up lost, smeared to the point of illegibility, or tossed in the trash.  When you use your book as a business card, though, that’s something that lasts, so make sure you include your contact information in the book!    

Books are individual stores of knowledge. We hang onto them, even if we’ve read them already. We display them on our bookshelves, place them on our night tables, and stack them on our desks, to be referenced as needed. Smartphones are great for gathering knowledge instantly, but nothing replaces the feel of a book in your hand.  

Your business book gives your business continual marketing.  Each time someone sees your book—with your name on the jacket—that’s marketing for you, and your business.      


Enhance Your Brand

A well-written, properly organized, engaging business book builds positive brand awareness.  Your brand—both personal and business—becomes associated with the highest quality.  Your book also becomes a powerful extension of your resume. People will immediately give your brand more credibility when you are a published author.  Your words also connect with readers on a level that goes beyond your resume, marketing, and sales pitch. They’ll see your knowledge and passion for your business.  As mentioned previously, in publishing your book, you’ll also be seen as an expert in your field.


Develop Instant Credibility

Once you publish your book, you can add “author” to your list of professional credentials. In addition to building positive brand awareness, your status as an author immediately uplifts your professional authority.


Your Book as a Networking Tool

Just as you should use your book as a business card, you should also use it as a networking tool.  Take a copy of your book with you to networking events. When someone at an event shows interest, offer to mail or email them a copy.  Engage with readers on your social media platforms with content from your book.  You can also set up book giveaways on Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram (influencers are a huge resource for this).  Your book is a great networking tool, so be sure to use it!  


Speaking Engagements  

Now that you are a professional author—and an expert in your field—you’ve opened the door to new and better speaking engagements.  Event coordinators, radio hosts, and talk show hosts all love to have published authors as guests. Who knows, you may be asked to become a keynote speaker at a prestigious graduation ceremony!   

A well-written, engaging, quality business book offers benefits to your personal brand, your business, and your professional career that go far beyond the financial aspect.  Here at Little Red Writing, we can help get your book out of your head, and into the hands of your target audience. Reach out to us today to get started!