4 Major Reasons You Need a Business Blog

If you’re in business, you need a blog. It’s as simple as that. Okay, so there’s more to the story than that, and I like telling stories. So, here goes: Simply stated, you will be doing yourself and your business a great disservice if you don’t set up a blog and attend to it on the regular. Initially, the general rule was that to succeed as a business, you must have a website. Now that it’s a lot easier for anyone to set up and run a website, you need something a little extra to bring traffic to your brand and products. One of the easiest and most creative ways to do so is to create and maintain a business blog.

While I could go on for days about the benefits of business blogging, I’m going to just give you the top 4 reasons to get you started!

Create Personal Connections

One of the best reasons to set up a blog for your business website is to cultivate PERSONAL connections with your existing and potential customers. One drawback to selling or marketing online is that you tend to lose the face-to-face communication that allows you to create a personal connection with your buyers. Your customers often don’t get a good idea of WHO they’re buying from, and if they don’t have a personal relationship with you and your brand, they’ll be less likely to turn into repeat customers.

Use your business blog to introduce yourself to your customers so they can better understand who you are, what your company represents, and why you’re the better choice when comparing products. Additionally, ending each blog with a call-to-action will encourage communication amongst other customers while allowing you to truly connect with your client base.

Boost Site Traffic

Did you know that a company that posts 16 or more blogs per month gets 3.5 times more traffic than a company with zero to four blogs per month? It’s a numbers game, really. More blogs give buyers more ways to find you.

One of the most obnoxious yet most effective aspects of successful blogging is the creative yet correct utilization of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Those keywords and buzzwords that makeup SEO terminology are what bring people to your website. Most internet users and shoppers don’t know exactly what they’re looking for when they start browsing for products and services. They’ll usually throw a few keywords into the search bar and go with the first option that pops up. Creative usage of SEO is what will boost your website to the top.

When we say “creative use” of SEO, we mean using those keywords in a way that feels organic and natural. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. How would they find you—and only you—by searching online? What are they looking for that you can provide? These are the search terms you’ll use. Cold and impersonal blogs peppered with generic keywords may do the exact opposite and send your client base running elsewhere!

Integrate Social Media

Anyone who is anyone has some sort of social media account. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or even Pinterest, the people with these accounts are just waiting for you and your business to reel them in as customers. Having a business blog will allow you to expand your company’s social media presence without having to come up with unique content for each platform. Once you write and post your blog, you can quickly and easily share it with millions of potential customers with a single click! And the best part of sharing on social media is that it’s basically free advertising.

Tell Your Story

Perhaps the most crucial reason of all to start a blog—at least as far as we’re concerned—is the chance to tell your brand story. Buyers want to know why you do what you do. Your reason for building your business could be the very thing that creates an unshakeable bond between your brand and your customer.

Yes, you want to spend as much time as possible answering questions and solving pain points for your buyers, but you can also introduce elements of your brand story as you do so. In fact, your brand story should be the very reason you’re there to solve those pain points in the first place. Let your buyers know!

Whether you’re new to business blogging or just want a fresh take on the process, let us help create a marketing and blogging strategy that will work for you.